FALL 2020

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This fall can't come fast enough! We are so eager for a change in seasons. Cool weather can turn over a new leaf. Beaucoup thankfully has weathered the storm so far and we couldn't have done it without YOU our customers. 

We have 3 fall displays currently in store. One is taking a twist on the traditional color palette. With cool teal and plum pumpkins and floral stems, this section has been fun to create! Mixed in with a vintage vibe with our floral pillows. 

We also have had some great success with our yard stakes this season. We have worked hard to add them to our website. (Something Covid forced us to really take advantage of) and y'all have been LOVING them as much as we do!

So again, thank y'all for continuing to help us GROW! We are so excited for the holiday season and have some fun ideas up our sleeves, so stay tuned!




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